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Jim Browne Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Dade City

12020 US Highway 301
Directions Dade City, FL 33525

  • Sales: (888) 325-7960
  • Service: (877) 835-7276
  • Internet: (888) 420-0324


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  • Jim Browne
    (352) 521-0055

    Jim is the owner and operator of four dealerships, along with two Collision Centers, in Dade City and Tampa, Florida: Jim Browne Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Dade City, Jim Browne Chevrolet Buick GMC of Dade City, Jim Browne Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Tampa Bay, Jim Browne Chevrolet of Tampa Bay and the two Collision Centers, Jim Browne Collision Center of Dade City and Jim Browne Collision Center of Tampa Bay

    Jim was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and is the second oldest of seven siblings. His parents, Bernice and James Browne, originally from Bayonne, New Jersey, and Queens, New York, moved to Allentown shortly before Jim was born.

    They valued hard work, determination, discipline, honesty and education, all traits that Jim and his siblings value to this day.

    A graduate of Allentown Central Catholic High School then Drexel University in Philadelphia, Jim played college baseball at the highest level. In his final year in college he was the NCAA batting champion. His final year batting average of .528 is among the highest in NCAA history.

    In 1997 Jim was inducted into Drexel University's Hall of Fame. Jim graduated college with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing.

    After his final year of college eligibility at Drexel, Jim was drafted and signed to play professional baseball by the Texas Rangers. Due to injury, his tenure with the Rangers lasted only two years.
    Playing professional baseball was Jim's dream, and while it only lasted for a short period, it was a dream come true.

    Following his professional baseball career, Jim joined Chrysler Corporation where he held various sales, marketing, managerial and executive positions over a period of 20 years. He worked in Philadelphia, New York, Charlotte, Chicago, New Orleans, Orlando and Detroit.  

    In 1987 Jim married his wife Jill, whom he had met in high school. They have been married for more than 28 years and have three children. Their sons, Jimmy and Joey, graduated from Florida State University.  Jimmy, their oldest son is currently pursuing a degree in Law at Cornel University in NY and their daughter, Nicole, is in high school at the Academy of the Holy Name.  The Browne family resides in the Tampa area.

    The Jim Browne Automotive Group currently employees close to 300 local residents and is one of the top-selling automotive retailers in the country.  The group has grown and been successful because Jim never forgot the values his parents taught him: hard work, determination, discipline, honesty and education.

    When Jim is not working he enjoys spending time with his wife and children, golf, exercise and a good movie.  

    Visit any of the Jim Browne dealerships and you'll most likely run into Jim.  He spends time at each dealership every day, leading his management team and visiting with his customers.

  • Jill Browne
    Community Relations Director

  • Chris Browne
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Dale Allison
    General Sales Manager

    * Favorite Food: Sicilian

    * Favorite Movie: "Saving Private Ryan"
    * Favorite Book: "An American Life" by Ronald Reagan
    * Favorite Team: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    * Favorite Musician: John Lennon
    * Hobby: Cycling

  • TJ Pinta
    Sales Manager

    * Favorite Food: Pasta

    * Favorite Vacation Spot: The Beach
    * Favorite Movie: "Black Hawk Down"
    * Favorite Team: The Tampa Bay Rays
    * Favorite Musician: JT Curtis
    * Hobbies: Darts
    * Phobia: Snakes

  • Tom Thomas
    Sales Manager

    * Favorite Food: Pizza

    * Favorite Movie: "Citizen Kane"
    * Favorite Team: The Detroit Tigers
    * Inspiration: "My kids."
    * Guiltiest Pleasure: Grimaldi's Pizzeria
    * Phobia: Spiders
    * Hobby: Scuba Diving

  • Chris Eaton
    Finance Manager

    * Favorite Vacation Spot: Maui

    * Favorite Book: "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas
    * Favorite Team: The Florida State University Seminoles
    * Favorite Band: The Rolling Stones
    * Guiltiest Pleasure: Ice Cream
    * Inspiration: "My wife and children."
    * Hobbies: Shooting and gunsmithing

  • Kevin Ledoux
    Finance Manager

    * Favorite Food: Seafood

    * Favorite Movie: "Twins"
    * Favorite Book: The Bible
    * Favorite Teams: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and The Inidianapolis Colts
     * Favorite Song: "Cinderella Man" by Eminem
    * Inspiration: "My children."
    * Hobby: Exercise

  • Mark Abercrombie
    Sales Associate

    Favorite Vacation Spot: The Beach; Favorite Movie: "Austin Powers"; Favorite Sport: Fishing; Favorite Team: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Favorite Song: "New York, New York"; Favorite Band: The Doobie Brothers; Inspiration: Nature; Guiltiest Pleasure: Karaoke

  • George Browder
    Sales Associate

  • Chris Cusker
    Sales Associate

    Favorite Food: Pizza; Favorite Movie: "Rocky III"; Favorite Team: The New York Yankees; Favorite Song: "Tom Sawyer" by Rush; Claim to Fame: Made a Hole in One on a Par 4; Favorite Quote: "Great moments are born from great opportunities."

  • David Gauvey
    Sales Associate

    * Favorite Food: Steak

    * Favorite Vacation Spot: Seattle
    * Favorite Movie: "Zero Dark Thirty"
    * Favorite Book: "Catch-22" by Joseph Heller
    * Favorite Team: The Dallas Cowboys
    * Favorite Musician: Eric Clapton
    * Guilty Pleasure: Ice Cream
    * Favorite Quote: "Whether you think you can or you think you can't - you're right." - Henry Ford

  • Garrett Harder
    Sales Associate

    * Favorite Food: Sushi

    * Favorite Vacation Spot: The Beach
    * Favorite Movie: "Pulp Fiction"
    * Favorite Team: The Atlanta Falcons
    * Favorite Sport: Track Racing
    * Hobbies: Cars and Video Games

  • Michael Krupka
    Internet Manager

  • Todd Roloff
    Sales Consultant

    * Favorite Food: Mexican

    * Favorite Vacation Spot: The Smokey Mountains
    * Favorite Book: The Bible
    * Favorite Team: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    * Hobbys: Golf

  • Aaron Skinner
    Sales Associate

  • James Swanson
    Sales Associate

    * Favorite Food: Macaroni and Cheese

    * Favorite Sport: Basketball
    * Favorite Teams: The Duke University Blue Devils and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    * Guiltiest Pleasure: Papa John's Pizza
    * Phobia: The ocean
    * Hobbies: Golf and basketball

  • John Whittaker
    Service Manager

  • Brian Scarbrough
    Assistant Service Manager

    * Favorite Vacation Spot: The Caribbean 

    * Favorite Movie: "Memento"
    * Favorite Team: The Denver Broncos
    * Inspiration: "My son."
    * Hobbies: Golf and fishing

  • Macy Kagey

    Favorite Food; Steak; Favorite Vacation Spot: Beach; Favorite Book: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins; Favorite Team: The University of Florida Gators; Hobby: Fishing; Phobia: Spiders

  • Marissa Kasperitis
    Service Advisor

    Favorite Food: Sushi; Favorite Movies: The "Twilight" Saga; Favorite Book: "Fifty Shades of Grey" by E.L. James; Favorite Sport: Equestrian; Favorite Team: The Carolina Panthers; Hobby: Horseback Riding; Phobia: Spiders

  • Rafael Malavez
    Service Advisor

  • Gene Sladkin
    Service Advisor

    * Favorite Food: Ice Cream with Pretzels

    * Favorite Movie: "Animal House"
    * Favorite Quote: "Yesterday is a cancelled check. Today is cash on the line. Tomorrow is a promissory note." - Hank Stram
    * Favorite Team: The Washington Redskins
    * Favorite Song: "Born in the USA" by Bruce Springsteen
    * Phobia: "Failure."

  • Ed Sobolow
    Courtesy Van Driver

  • Patty Moreno

    * Favorite Food: Pizza

    * Favorite Movie: "Missing"
    * Favorite Sport: Baseball
    * Favorite Band: The Eagles
    * Phobia: "Tiny bugs."
    * Hobby: Dancing

  • Richard Babcock
    Service Technician

    * Favorite Vacation Spot: Mexico

    * Favorite Musician - Tech N9ne
    * Inspiration: Family
    * Hobby - Building rat rods

  • David Faro
    Service Technician

    * Favorite Food: Italian

    * Favorite vacation Spot: The Bahamas
    * Favorite Team: The New England Patriots
    * Guiltiest Pleasure: Ice Cream

  • Justin Howard
    Service Technician

  • Ryan Kavanagh
    Service Technician

    * Favorite Food: Pizza

    * Favorite Vacation Spot: Miami
    * Favorite Movie: "Star Wars"
    * Favorite Sport: Soccer
    * Phobia: Spiders

  • Simon Martin
    Service Technician

    * Favorite Food: Burgers

    * Favorite Vacation Spot: The Florida Keys
    * Favorite Movie: "Act of Valor"
    * Favorite Book: "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson
    * Favorite Sport: NASCAR

  • Tyler Preston
    Service Technician

    Favorite Food: Chinese

    Inspiration: Family
    Guiltiest Pleasure: "Riding my Harley."

  • Jason Ritter
    Service Technician

  • Taylor Ritter
    Service Technician

  • Angel Torres
    Service Technician

    * Favorite Foods: Pizza, pork chops and chicken

    * Favorite Movie: "The Avengers"
    * Favorite Sport: Basketball
    * Guiltiest Pleasure: "Eating too much."

  • Jeremy Wheatley
    Service Technician

    * Favorite Movie: "Gone is 60 Seconds"

    * Favorite Book: "The Odyssey" by Homer
    * Favorite Sport: NASCAR
    * Phobia: Spiders
    * Hobby: Building motors

  • Tom White
    Service Technician

  • Nickie Young
    Service Technician

    * Favorite Food: Pizza
    * Favorite Vacation Spot: Daytona Beach
    * Favorite Movie: "Gone in 60 Seconds"
    * Favorite Song: "CAFO" by Animals as Leaders
    * Guiltiest Pleasure: "Speeding."

  • Scott Griffiths
    Service & Parts Director

    Favorite Food: Steak
    Favorite Vacation Spot: The Caribbean
    Favorite Movie: "The Hangover"
    Favorite Sport: Baseball
    Favorite Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep Vehicle: Chrysler 300 SRT8
    What inspires you? "To be the very best I can."

  • Eamon Doherty
    Parts Advisor

    * Favorite Food: Homemade Salsa

    * Favorite Movie: "Pulp Fiction"
    * Favorite Team: The Detroit Lions
    * Favorite Song: "The Dreaming Tree" by The Dave Matthews Band
    * Phobia: Spiders
    * Hobby: "Listening to live music."

  • Jimbo Martin
    Parts Advisor

  • Samantha Cochran
    Parts Warehouse

    * Favorite Movie: "Labyrinth"

    * Favorite Book: "Beautiful Disaster" by Jamie McGuire
    * Favorite Sport: Soccer
    * Favorite Song: "What It's Like" by Everlast
    * Hobby: Painting

  • Sue Mudge

    Favorite Food: Pasta; Favorite Band: Third Day; Favorite Song: "The More I Seek You"; Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate; Community Involvement: Women's Leader, Tampa Bay Tres Dias

  • Patti Catron

    Favorite Food: Spaghetti; Favorite Movie: "The Skeleton Key"; Favorite Sport: Cheerleading; Guilty Pleasure: McDonald's Cookies; Phobia: Heights

  • Trina Johnston

    Favorite Food: Pizza; Favorite Movie: "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"; Favorite Team: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Favorite Musician: Bob Seger; Guilty Pleasure: Candy Apples; Phobia: Heights

  • Laura Beam
    Human Resources Manager

    * Favorite Vacation Spot: Carmel, California

    * Favorite Movie: "While You Were Sleeping"
    * Favorite Book: "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen
    * Favorite Team: The Green Bay Packers
    * Phobia: Snakes
    * Favorite Quote: "Your smile is your logo. Your personality is your business card. How you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark." - Jay Danzie

  • Alvaro Fernandez
    Maintenance Manager

  • Jeff Jeter
    Customer Relations Manager

    Favorite Movie: Casablanca

    Favorite Book: Walden
    Favorite Musician: John Prine
    Hobbies: Writing, art & photography
    Favorite Quote: "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans." - Woody Allen

  • Tara Johnson
    Corporate Trainer

    * Favorite Food: Sushi

    * Favorite Vacation Spot: Hawaii

    * Favorite Team: The Chicago Bears

    * Inspiration: "My mother's fight with cancer."

    * Phobia: Snakes

    * Hobbies: Crossfit, boating, swimming and hunting